lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart

She Wants Revenge es un dúo estadounidense, originario del Valle de San Fernando, California. Su álbum debut homónimo, She Wants Revenge, fue lanzado a principios del 2006, con tres sencillos "These Things" (donde su videoclip cuenta con la actuación de la vocalista de la banda Garbage, Shirley Manson), "Out of Control" y "Tear You Apart".
El segundo álbum de la banda, This Is Forever, fue lanzado el 9 de octubre del 2007.

Got a big plan, this mindset maybe its right
At the right place and right time, maybe tonight
And the whisper or handshake sending a sign
Wanna make out and kiss hard, wait nevermind

Late night, and passing, mention it flipped her
Best friend, who knows saying maybe it slipped
But the slip turns to terror and a crush to light
When she walked in, he throws up, believe its the fright

Its cute in a way, till you cannot speak
And you leave to have a cigarette, your knees get weak
An escape is just a nod and a casual wave
Obsessed about it, heavy for the next two days

It's only just a crush, it'll go away
It's just like all the others it'll go away
Or maybe this is danger and you just don't know
You pray it all away but it continues to grow

I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right

I want to hold you close
Soft breasts, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear

I want to f*cking tear you apart

Then he walked up and told her, thinking that he'd passed
And they talked and looked away a lot, doing the dance
Her hand brushed up against his, she left it there
Told him how she felt and then they locked in a stare

They took a step back, thought about it, what should they do
Cause theres always repercussions when you're dating in school
But their lips met, and reservations started to pass
Whether this was just an evening or a thing that would last.

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